So Gotham looks amazing.

The Lunecase is my new favorite “Gee I Hope This is Real” Kickstarter project.

Although an attacker can’t control traffic signals directly through the sensors, he might be able to trick control systems into thinking that congested roadways are clear or that open roadways are packed with cars, causing traffic signals to respond accordingly

Hackers Can Mess With Traffic Lights to Jam Roads and Reroute Cars

Nuclear weapons, traffic lights – good thing our most important things are so well protected.

Honest Slogans is the best Tumblr ever.

The Perfect Record Review


The perfect record review should change your hearing. You should come away from it with your brain slightly re-wired, so that you never hear the piece of music in quite the same way again. The change happens because an interesting idea about the music was presented in such a rich and compelling way that it remains part of your consciousness long after the actual reading. Sometimes the idea presented is something that never occurred to you. Sometimes it’s an idea you knew emotionally but had never seen articulated in language. But you gain new insight in part because you are now hearing the music with someone else’s ears (those of the writer). You might also hear about the relative quality of the music, and how it’s situated in its cultural context. And sometimes ideas embedded in these observations can change your hearing. Sometimes the ideas are related to technical details. Sometimes they come from a very specific and personal place that is nonetheless recognizable to strangers and provides insight. Regardless, if you get all that and are entertained and maybe get a laugh or two out of it, that is perfection.

This is so wonderful.

The Simpsons take on Google Glass. It looks kind of great on Homer.

There is a 100 percent chance that Anchorman 2 is going to be my favorite movie of all time.

For many—and for better or for worse—the BlackBerry marked the dawn of a modern era in which work doesn’t end at five o’clock but, rather, follows you home and stays by your side, blinking that little red light like a faithful pet that feels neglected.

Vauhini Vara on BlackBerry’s fall: (via newyorker)

(Source:, via newyorker)


Will Apple’s fingerprint sensor come to Macbooks?

Apple had to do a lot of work just to make the sensor accessible in mobile devices. “You’re basically exposing a piece of silicon that’s going to be in your pocket with hard keys and coins. We were able to evolve the technology to address aesthetics and durability.”

This would be AWESOME.

Calvin and Hobbes and Dune might be even better than Garfield minus Garfield.

Today’s Apple event was a lot of fun, but getting this photo was easily my favorite part of the day.

Kevin also was born legally blind. Even though the odds are stacked against him, Kevin still shares a passion for a sport he can’t play: football.

"If I could play, I would be a defensive tackle. I want to crush people and hit people," he said with a laugh.

Hold on, I have something in both my eyes.

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